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If the subject ever comes up, it is assumed that it was necessary, unavoidable. Because our historical memory is so short, we cannot conceive that things ever were, or could still be otherwise.

Some, it seems, still do consider the s housewife as the crowning archetype of femininity. This is not so. She, poor creature and I speak of the collective caricature, and not its individual incarnations was a freak of nature, a curious experimental specimen cultured in a petri dish. The s housewife found herself squeezed into the airless space between two epochs—between the old economy with its farms and household shops, and the new with its steel skyscrapers and computers.

What a difference between this evanescent, eviscerated figure, and the commanding mistress of the household of old, skillfully managing the myriad details of the lives of her husband, children and in any family of means household staff, whilst often contributing directly and meaningfully to its solvency.

The evidence is mounting – a man’s place is in the home

It is no wonder that this shadow of femininity yearned for something more, and settled upon what appeared from afar to be the more substantial world inhabited by her husband. Speak in a low, soothing voice.

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  • A Man’s Place Is in the Home.

Allow him to relax and unwind. And yet, while there is certainly something to be said for correcting the swing of the cultural pendulum, there is a sinister side to this Good Housewifely advice: namely, it assumes that the worlds of husband and wife have scarcely anything to do with one another. Indeed, it is curious that while the mockery of this caricature of femininity has long been common sport, so little attention has been paid to the equally questionable caricature of the s husband: with his briefcase, brown suit, cant political opinions, thinly veiled misogyny and tragic cluelessness about the lives of those closest to him.

It is here that we find the genesis of that now-ubiquitous clown of modern media: the weak and hapless father who is an obstacle and an embarrassment to his children, a man who knows how to manage spreadsheets and his expense account, but little more. If we simply accept that the industrial revolution drove men into the factories, and from there the technological revolution drove them the cubicles, it is time to expose the hidden cost upon which both were predicated.

It is quite simply true, historically speaking, that for the average man to wake up every day and to leave his home and wife and children—not as an exception in time of war or other necessity, but as the universal norm— and to spend the better part of his life in an office working amidst perfect strangers is an anomalous thing. Let us at least disabuse ourselves of the notion that it was voluntary.

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Dickens first memorialized the sufferings and degradation of the first-wave industrial workers, seized by abject want from their farms, and crowded into fatally filthy cities and factories. Later Steinbeck, in The Grapes of Wrath, scathingly dramatized the depression-era travails of American farmers, whose lands were repossessed and turned over to industrialists when they defaulted on their loans. Then, a few decades later, in The Unsettling of America, Wendell Berry exposed the federal policies in the United States that deliberately drove small farmers off the land in favor of large-scale industrial enterprises.

That process continues today. We may never be able to return en masse to the farms or workshops, but there is value to be had merely in mourning for what has been lost, which process reminds us of what we might yet be. A man working his own fields was his own master, the sweat of whose brows was poured out directly, visibly in creating a home; his partner was not an impersonal investor, but flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone; and the subordinates alongside whom he toiled were not querulous strangers, but his own children, fruit of his loins.


Chesterton was the great champion of the romance of domesticity. For this he has been deemed a sexist reactionary. I would like to rescue him from the charge simply by observing that a great deal of what he wrote about women, could and should be applied to men. There have been household gods and household saints and household fairies.

A Man’s Place: How Men Can Tackle Everyday Workplace Sexism - Business Fights Poverty

I am not sure that there have yet been any factory gods or factory saints or factory fairies. The place where babies are born, where men die, where the drama of mortal life is acted, is not an office or a shop or a bureau.

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It is something much smaller in size and much larger in scope. And while nobody would be such a fool as to pretend that it is the only place where people should work, or even the only place where women should work, it has a character of unity and universality that is not found in any of the fragmentary experiences of the division of labour. It seems obvious, however, that if the realm of the office is so narrow and mundane which, if it is a rhetorical exaggeration, points to the truth , then it must be equally as narrow and mundane for the men as for the women, and if it is a terrible impoverishment for a woman to go from being the goddess of the hearth to the purveyor of widgets, certainly there is something equally tragic for men to have gone from being the master of fields to the pusher of pencils.

When it comes to the differences of men and women, Chesterton argues that women are generalists and men are specialists. There is something about men that has tended towards a narrower specialization of effort, and that has always been more outward-looking. What have the artists said about the song?

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