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I sometimes envy great painters like yourself for you uplift and elevate the human spirit and that is magical and life changing!! Also, the apparent and important legacy that you are creating will continue to be revealed over time and appreciated for generations.

Falco Sarah

I would like to reiterate what my Director, Joan Griffith, had to say to you regarding my gallery. She called me yesterday quite excited seeing the quality of your work. I have been in the business 38 years and unfortunately in the past few years seldom come upon an artist's work that gets my heart pumping fast. Your work is more than lovely and I would be extremely proud to represent a talent such as yours in my galleries.

Petersburg Opera gets bonus points for making a medium that instills the most resistance and fear in modern society more approachable — opera. He hosts Opera Therapy and fun talks to make the musical form more enjoyable and sneak in a little education about it too.

Photo from facebook. Wordier Than Thou, Keep St. Pete Lit and other book-loving groups have enlivened literary arts by presenting lit events with booze, music, visual arts and campy fun. Even more encouraging, independent bookstores are finding their own gateway events to get customers hooked on books.

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Local art has also become a mainstay at outdoor markets. Petersburg-based artist Coralette Damme, one of the pioneers of St. The day of our event was their largest single day of admissions they had ever had as I recall. This was back when crafts and the DIY movement were just beginning to get noticed.

Pairing the funky creative arts vibe with the quirky Old Florida roadside attraction was a hit, Damme says. These shows give creatives a chance to sell their work and grow their audience, and gives the community — who might not otherwise be involved with what was once an underground movement — an alternative to mass-produced goods. Could this good thing lose its appeal?

Hopefully not! June 17 Forums for Facets Art Installation. Artwork is carefully selected and placed for its healing potential and artistic quality. Art sales benefit the Patient Emergency Fund.

Draw Good Now

For more information on visiting the NIH, please click here. Artomatic is a free, fabulous art festival "by artists, for everyone. My artwork is on the 6th floor, near the southwest corner. For more information on Artomatic events, click here. For more information, click here. MPAartfest mclean, va sunday, october 2, , 10 am - 5 pm.

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  3. getaway in 'gateway', an artwork that doubles as a swimming pool you can take a dip in.

Over artists open their studios in the Gateway Arts District. Artomatic returns! Artomatic is a 6-week long art festival "by artists, for everyone. It is absolutely free to the public. This year's event features more than artists: visual art, music, performance, film and more. Workshops, tours, seminars and other events are held throughout the duration of the show.

Live music at the Friday night reception.

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I will have a friend representing me in the studio during the day while I am at the Bethesda Fine Arts Festival. And I will be there as soon as I can for the after-party.

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  • For more information, visit gatewayopenstudios. The artists at the Gateway Arts Center and the EZ Storage artist studios will be opening their studios so you can come see their work spaces and what they've been working on. Over 60 artists from across the nation have created works of art from yardsticks. Click here for more information.