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As a grown-up, there is a lot to be excited about at the Thanksgiving table: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pie. But for kids — especially picky eaters — the Thanksgiving meal can feel sort of … blah. Stuffing is full of disconcerting lumps and mixed textures.

And most of the other dishes are vegetables, which, enough said. And yet we build up this meal with so much anticipation, tradition and hours of kitchen prep time, that even the littlest kids can be very aware that the grown-ups around them are watching to make sure they appreciate — and eat — it all.

I don't want you to see it. Just forget about this card.

Providing the cheapest way to make successful runs with a single breaker, Eater allows you to play some really powerful tricks. Think of any card that reads "whenever you make a successful run With Eater on the rig, we can play all this crazy stuff and punish the Corp badly. Boost Hemorrhage , Datasucker and Chakana to great heights. Derez Janus 1. Having trashed assets, upgrades and pieces of ICE, you still need to score points. So why not then play Notoriety and Quest Completed?

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But by far the strongest interaction Eater allows is to make successful runs triggered by Keyhole. The latter bars you from accessing cards anyway. But mainly the bane of this card is Swordsman. If Eater gets popular - and I personally expect it to be - Swordsman might see a lot of play anew. If it didn't have that, this card would be unplayable because you'd ideally want to be able to trigger cards like Keyhole, Singularity, Indexing, etc..

By having that wording it will allow for replacement effects.

Meat Eater

The text on the card is fairly clear. It looks to be worded very intentionally for the purpose of working with run effects. Access isn't prevented, but rather the number of cards accessed is limited.

You're absolutely entitled to wait for confirmation, but I'll be accepting any and all offered hugs. Eater seems to be the run event's best AI breaker to date when it comes out. Sign up for Eater's newsletter Email required.

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