PDF Equipped for Battle, From Generation to Generation - A Military Devotional

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Jesus on resilience. Spiritual Battle Drills. Basic spiritual fitness. Spiritual ammo bunker. These guidebooks are published by Cru Military and are not official Department of Defense publications. There is a booklet designed for each of the service branches except for the Coast Guard, which is not yet published. Strength for Service to God and Country. First published in , the volume went out of print in the s as armed forces personnel returned home.

Equipped for Battle, From Generation to Generation - A Military Devotional

Today, the revised book has been distributed to , service personnel of many denominations. Your help is needed to share this inspiring devotional with thousands more. Whether serving on the front lines in Iraq or caring for the wounded stateside, U. Author: Carol J. Channer, Copyright Also available as an e-book download. While her only son prepared to join the Army, Carol Channer began to scour stores for a book on the subject of sending a child off to war.

Finding none, she began journaling her own feelings, fears, and frustrations, as the Lord began to plant an idea within her spirit to pen a devotional book aimed directly at the heart of our military families. The Leadership Bible. The seven principles of leadership. Translated by Military Chaplains, Copyright The Military Families Bible. Take a stand in prayer for our nation and those who serve. So many people are affected by the absence of those who leave home and serve in distant lands. Those who are left behind often struggle to find contentment and hope.

This devotional will not only meet the needs of those individuals but will also encourage all Americans to take a stand by praying for our country and the men and women serving overseas. The Warrior's Bible. From cover to cover, this Bible speaks in language that connects with military people about things that really matter. Growing Spiritually During Deployments. Servant Leadership. Foundations Of A Christian Worldview. Replacing Fear With Faith. Singleness And The Christian Warrior.

The Parent Of A Warrior.

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A Gathering of Eagles Book 4. Author: Col. Jimmie Dean Coy Ret. This unique devotional addresses faith, family, and freedom. It includes personal life stories from the author as well as 33 stories from Medal of Honor recipients and ex-POWs. Also included are the lyrics from patriotic and faith-based songs. These individuals offer practical and spiritual wisdom for life. Much of their wisdom was forged during combat and in the burning fire of adversity, pain, suffering, sorrow, sadness, and death. You Are Not Alone.

Encouragement for the heart of a military spouse. Author: Jen MDonald, Copyright When you marry a military member, your life is suddenly no longer your own. You not only marry the one you love, but also a whole new way of life--one filled with separations, moves, deployments, and other challenges.

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How to cope with this ever-changing life? Jen McDonald is right there with you. For nearly three decades as a military spouse, she's been in the trenches of this unique military world and carved out her own rewarding life. She celebrates the great moments with you, commiserates when it's not so easy, and points you to hard-won wisdom and helpful resources. Most of all, she reminds you that you're not alone on this military spouse journey.

Each daily reading is written from the perspective of faith.

In her warm, authentic style, Jen offers practical tips, related Scripture, and journal prompts for further reflection. Whether it's a deployment, move, or raising military kids, find real-life inspiration and hope from someone who's been there. Facing a deployment?

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Over 25 pages to help you walk through the first days of deployment. You Were Made for This. A 91 day devotional for military spouses. Author: Katherine Monit, Copyright Why this devotional? I am just a "normal" military spouse and a mom to three kiddos. I have never had the intention of becoming an author and I have not taken any special college level training focused in English.

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The Holy Spirit put this devotional on my heart to write. As I listened for the words He desired to say through me, I could hear Him say… "Write this book for military wives.


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They're searching for someone to hold them when they are scared, to feed them when the paycheck runs out, and to rejoice with them when no one else understands. I am He, their Heavenly Father, and they are my chosen daughters.

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  • No other women can do what they are doing. When their husbands get orders from their unit, I will give them peace. I will give them strength to raise Godly children even when their husbands are not near. If they choose to be different from the rest, I will be their helpmate. They are my baby girls, and I want nothing more than to bless them. My husband, as a Marine, had to go to basic training boot-camp for 12 weeks of intense physical and mental training. I believe we also need to dedicate ourselves to a similar period of mental and spiritual training to take on the critical role of being married into military life.

    In those moments we choose to be frantic or we choose to go to God for direction. It was important to me for his devotional to be easy to read, taking less than 5 minutes per day. Each day begins with a scripture and focuses on relatable life stories common among military families. I know God placed these things on my heart to help bring us to that next level of faith and empower us as a Christian military spouse.

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    More spiritual encouragement for the warrior. A More Elite Soldier.

    Pursuing a life of purpose. Author: Chuck Holton, Copyright The rigor of becoming an Airborne Ranger is exceeded only by the challenge of being one - but those who join their ranks find fulfillment in something bigger than themselves.