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But the podcast has also sparked a conversation for women and men who came of age in the s about a pervasive culture of impunity, which enabled Mr.

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Dawson to date his student. Kate McAuley was one such teenager, at Beacon Hill Public School in the late s, a time when she struggled with problems at home and felt like she was on the periphery.

At 14, she said, she was targeted by a male teacher, who began asking her to stay after class and touching her inappropriately. Like Mr. Dawson, he was in a romantic relationship with another woman, one of his former students, Ms. McAuley said.


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None of it was O. Now, the silence is breaking.

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Wheeler has led the charge to expose the extent of sexual abuse at the school in the s, and alleged that at least six teachers were in relationships with students while she studied there. During an overnight trip for a sporting tournament, she said, teachers brought alcohol and encouraged girls to drink. Wheeler said.

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  • Peter Fray, a former editor-in-chief of the Sydney Morning Herald and now a journalism academic, said the collaboration between Thomas and the police was noteworthy. Tyrone Kirchengast, a professor in criminal law at the University of Sydney, said any investigative crime reporting risked some form of prejudice to a defendant.

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    But Kirchengast said that while podcasts might be a newer form of media, widespread exposure to a case was nothing new. I think so. He intends to plead not guilty to the murder.

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    • Two days after she went missing, Mr Dawson, a teacher and former professional rugby league player, moved his teenage lover Joanne Curtis — who was one of his students - into the family home. He did not report his wife missing for six weeks and claimed she might have run away to join a religious cult.

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      T he podcast has been downloaded more than 27 million times. Mr Dawson once told one of his daughters that he spotted Mrs Dawson in the audience on a episode of BBC programme Antiques Roadshow — a claim strongly disputed by her family.